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In Money.Net, you will be employing modules to view the data that you want to see. As discussed earlier in the guide, the default Money.Net view contains examples of eight types of modules. There are currently twenty-seven types of modules that you can use when setting up your views. Modules can be thought of as a “window” to data on the “desktop” that is a view. Modules can be moved, resized, and named to your liking.

In this section we will cover each of the modules available to you.

Quote Grid - Full Version

Quote Grid - Full Version connects you to your own live streaming enterprise-level market data feed to monitor your portfolios. In this module, you can sort, order, add/remove, arrange, and adjust colors to your preference. You can create up to 50 portfolios with up to 200 symbols in each. If you require more than fifty real time tickers on one screen, we recommend that you use the Money.Net Excel Add-in. It is easy to use, comprehensive, and included free with your subscription to  

More in depth instructions for the Quote Grid (and Quick Watchlist) can be found here.

Quote Grid - Quick Watchlist Version

Quote Grid - Quick Watchlist Version is a streamlined version of the Quote Grid - Full Version. Think of it as a way to opt-in the data you want from a bare minimum as opposed to opting-out from all of the data available. It will be explained more later in the handbook.

Ticker Comparison

Ticker Comparison is a module that allows you to get an easy to view grid of important data for several symbols side by side.  You can add nearly any data point available in the full Quote Grid, view spark lines, see and quickly add competitors, and more.

Snap Quote

A Snap Quote module is a quick and easy way to get a basic quote on a stock without adding it to your portfolios. Simply type in the ticker symbol and click GO. You can adjust the fields to be any that you like from the full Quote Grid data points.

Analyst Estimates

The Analyst Estimates module is a way to see recent price targets and buy/hold/sell recommendations from analysts for popular U.S. equities.  Analysts can be sorted by date or by ranking of their success rate in the year following the recommendation.

Portfolio Analytics

The Portfolio module will track your attribution and risk at the time of request of any multi-asset, multi-strategy portfolio.
Within the first tab, performance, you can track the cumulative returns of your portfolio, as well as the volatility day-over-day of your returns. You can also analyze the relative breakdown of your portfolio, from an asset-class specific break down to an equity-type sector and industry breakdown.
The tab 'Risk' gives you the histogram of your portfolios' performance over the requested period of time. Most notably, it looks at the Value at Risk (VaR) calculations for both your portfolio as well as the individual, and marginal VaR of the constituents of your portfolio. Several different types of VaR are available for you to sample on a portfolio-basis, depending on which makes the most sense for your investment style.

Institutional Holdings

The Institutional Holdings module enables you to see the major institutional shareholders in popular U.S. equities.  By switching the search by field, you can search for the holders of a particular company by ticker or all of the major holdings of a particular company by company name. 

Time and Sales Tracker

The Time and Sales Tracker module is an easy way to see a live updating list of a single ticker symbol’s last activity. You can view the number of shares, price, and more for each tick of data. You can also use this module to find all historical ticks for the current trading day and view a live, updating VWAP meter.

Top Movers

The Top Movers module lets you see the top 10, 25, or even 50 of the highest dollar, percentage, and volume movers during the trading day or after hours.  You can choose to view the top movers from several presets (like the S&P 500) or from a custom portfolio that you have created.


Tearsheet is a single stock overview module with a broad range of data. It is a quick way to see current prices, charts, news, and fundamentals about the stock of your choice.

Equity Calendar

Equity Calendar allows you to see current and upcoming announcements of Earnings, Dividends, IPOs, Earnings surprises, Buybacks and Splits. 


Our proprietary, professional grade charting platform is both intuitive and powerful. The charts can take you from live ticks to 20 years of history with the click of a button. Boasting over 50 technical indicators, the Chart module also has:

  • Oscillators, Overlays, Comparative Analysis

  • Export to CSV and  PNG

  • Bar, Line, Area, and Candle graphs

  • Custom Color Settings

Chart Grid

The Chart Grid module is a modified version of the Chart module that allows you to create a matrix of smaller chart modules to quickly see many charts at once. Simply choose the number you want (up to 6x6) and then start adding charts by typing a ticker into the Search bar and pressing enter.


The News module is an aggregator of free and subscription news services brought to you in real time. You can follow market movement, major global news, and sort by companies or search terms that you choose. Clicking on a news headline will launch the full story for you to read.

Speed Desk

The Speed Desk is the fastest way to see the most important news of the day when you don't have time to view every headline.  For the news hound with a busy schedule.

Option Chain

The Option Chain is a useful tool that lists option quotes in order of strike price for present and future months for a given symbol. This feature makes it easier to find the option quotes you are looking for so that you can add them to your portfolios to track.

Futures Chain

The Futures Chain module is a useful tool that organizes futures by contract date for a particular ticker.

Note: This is an add-on feature that becomes available when subscribed to real time futures. You can get more information here.

Future Spreads

The Future Spreads module allows you to view and visualize in chart form crack spreads between two commodities and calendar spreads across the different contracts for a commodity.  Simply choose your preferred futures ticker/s, weighting factor, and click submit.

Futures Forward Curves

The Futures Forward Curves module allows you to quickly visualize a range of today's tradable commodity values for specific dates in the future.

Market Snapshot

Market Snapshot is a quick and easy macro view of global markets.  Currently there are sections for Overview, US Bond Market, Commodities, and FX with more to come!

Market Summary

Market Summary is a completely customizable grid-style overview for Indices, Futures, and Currencies. Much like the Top Banner Area, you can add tickers and custom labels to fill out your market summary to best suit your needs. You can also use the default categories of Indices, Currencies, Energy, Metals, and Agriculture to get you started.


The Currencies module is an easy to understand graphical FX cross module with live updating prices.


Radar is our proprietary, interactive analytical tool. It is a fun, powerful and unique view for mapping the market. Radar displays visual boxes in shades of green and red (depending on how much the stock is up or down for the day). The default shows the S&P 500, allowing you to immediately see a visual representation of the day’s market activity. You can easily see what sectors and industries are up or down, and specifically which stocks are standing out for the day (so you won't miss any unusual outliers). Radar allows you to view the DOW 30, NASDAQ 100, or your own portfolios or watchlists.


The Clock module is available to all users to create a custom set of world clocks. You can add multiple clocks for different countries/time zones and customize the formats to your liking.


Keep up to date with other Money.Net members with our Money.Net Chat module. You can join in the conversation in a multi-member open chat room or create your own private chat for you and your friends. We also offer alternative chats from Symphony and Slack.

Severe Weather by Riskpulse

This module allows you to see live updating maps of emergency weather situations and their distances from refineries, mines, and other assets.

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