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Options on US Equities

Ticker Format: The letter O, then a colon (:) followed by the ticker, then a space ( ),
then the 6 digit date in YYMMDD, then C or P (for call or put), followed by the strike price sans decimal and a trailing zero (0).
Ticker Examples Click here for Legacy Option Format (Excel and Java)
O:AAPL 190816C185000AAPL Call 8/16/2019 185.0 StrikeO:GOOG 200619P1060000GOOG Put 06/19/2020 1060.0 Strike
O:F 200117C4870F Call 01/17/2020 4.87 strikeO:AMZN 210618P1480000AMZN Put 06/18/2021 1480.0 Strike