Watchlist allows you to maintain up to 25 watchlists to view streaming real time market data. In this component, you can sort, order, add/remove and arrange the data to your preference. 

Portfolio Monitor

The Portfolio Monitor allows you to maintain up to 25 portfolios to view streaming real time market data and monitor your holdings and totals.  

Global Equity Indices

The Global Equity Indices component is an overview of some of the major indices in the U.S. and abroad.

Flash View

The Snap Quote component is a fast overview component that will allow you to check some popular fields and see a time and sales tape of the most recent trades.

Time and Sales

See the streaming tape of a particular stock as it trades in real time with the Time and Sales module.

Ticker Banner

Ticker Banner is additional space to add large indices (or any symbol you want to watch) in supplement to your upper banner area.

Historical Prices

Using Historical Prices, you can see historical prices for U.S. Equities with a chosen beginning and end date.  You can also export for Excel by right-clicking in the text area.

Option Chain Data

The Option Chain allows you to pull the real time option data for U.S. equities (requires OPRA exchange permission from CBOE™).

Cross Currency Rates

With Cross Currency Rates you can view live currency prices for many of the most common pairs in an easy to understand grid format.

Currency Quote Grid

The Currency Quote Grid is useful for those looking for a straight ahead grid view vs. Cross Currency Rates or more off the beaten path currency pairs.

Global Commodity Prices

Global Commodity Prices gives you a quick overview of prices for major Energy, Metal, and Agricultural futures.

Government Yield Curve

Using the Government Yield Curve module, you can view the yields for similar bonds across their different maturities. There are over 20 countries available.

Government Yield Comparison

You can get a quick and easy macro view of the latest international bond yields using Government Yield Comparison.


The Chart component is a professional-grade charting package that is both intuitive and powerful.  Real time ticks or 20 years of historical data with just the click of a button. It also includes a variety of tools such as:

  • Over 70 Technical Study Indicators

  • Corporate Events

  • Bar, Line, Area, Candle Graphs, and more

  • Export to PNG

Chart Matrix

The chart grid is the best way to chart multiple assets quickly and simply without deploying multiple Chart components.

Most Active

Most Active allows you to view the top 10,25, or 50 movers on the day in any of your watchlists.

Market Heat Map

Use Market Heat Map to get a macro view of the day's market divided into sectors that can be drilled down into. You can choose from the major indices, watchlist templates, or your own custom watchlists created in Watchlist.

Unusual Option Activity

With the Unusual Option Activity component, you can be the first to know when there is unusually high volume for any U.S. option contracts and sort by the pertinent info.

Crypto Market Cap

Crypto Market Cap is a fast way to see the price, change, circulating supply, and more of the current cryptocurrency markets.


The Tearsheet is a one stop institutional grade summary snapshot. It is an efficient way to display a wide range of data such as:

  • Realtime price data

  • Company financials and fundamentals

  • Historical charting

  • Relevant news

Analyst Recommendations

With Analyst Recommendations you can view average price targets and buy/sell recommendations.

Company Financials

The Company Financials component is an easy to digest representation of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow of publicly traded U.S. companies. Note that these are also available on the Tearsheet.

Corporate Actions

The Corporate Actions component allows you to view various announced and historical corporate actions for an equity.

Earnings and Estimates

With this component, you can find the quarterly and annual earnings estimates, actual reported estimates and surprise numbers for U.S. equities.

Earnings History

The Earnings History component allows you to see the historical estimates and reported EBITDA, EPS, Dividends, Sales, Forward Dividend Yield, and Forward PE Ratio.

ETF Holdings

You can dig into the composition and weighting of U.S. ETFs using the ETF Holdings component.

Speed News Desk

Speed News Desk is a streamlined news component with only the major market-moving stories of the day. 

Top News

Top News is a news component specialized for seeing the most relevant stories in broad categories and industries.

Streaming News

The Streaming News component is our proprietary, algorithm, and hand-curated stream of news services brought to you in real time. You can follow market movement, major global news, and sort by companies or search terms that you choose.

Earnings Calendar

Earnings Calendar is an overview of the week's earnings events.

IPO Calendar

The IPO Calendar is your go-to source for any upcoming announcements, changes, pricing and more for companies planning to go public. We are proud to now also offer international (non-US) data.

Corporate Calendar

Corporate Calendar is an overview of the week's corporate events.

This component allows the self-directed investor to access a robust, collaborative community. Scout chat delivers secure, safe environments where users can interact, leverage signals to push relevant content their way and follow other investors that they find interesting.


The Clock component is an easy way to see the time and weather in different locations and time zones all over the world.