Entering a Ticker into the Chart Module

  • Place the mouse pointer in the Symbol field in the upper-left corner of the Chart component.
  • Type the ticker symbol and press the Enter key to update the chart data.
  • Be sure to refer to the Money.Net Ticker Symbology Guide to learn how to construct
    tickers for all asset classes

Selecting a Chart Time Interval

  • Directly below the chart price data, the chart time interval can be selected.
  • Historical data sets range from realtime intra-day ticks to daily charts up to 20 plus years.
  • Select 1day, 2day, 5day, 1month, 3month, year-to-date, 1year or All.

Selecting a Chart Periodicity Interval

  • To the right of the chart time interval, the chart periodicity interval can be selected.
  • Click the chart periodicity interval to expose the alternate intervals.
  • Available periodicity intervals can vary due to the chart time interval that is currently selected.

Chart Studies

           Studies - a list of over 70 technical indicators that can be added to charts such as:
           MACD, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, VWAP, etc.

Chart Type

           Chart Type - allows the user to select their preferred chart type such as:
           Bar charts, Candle charts, Line Charts, Renko Charts, etc.

Chart Events

           Events - plot a multitude of Corporate Events onto a chart such as:
           Earnings, CEO change, Spin-offs, Dividends, etc.

Chart Crosshair

           Activate the chart crosshair to easily view open, high, low, close
           price data for a specific chart interval point.