Firewall Firewall Instructions

If you are unable to load market data in the application, you may be behind a corporate firewall or proxy server that is blocking access to our servers. In order to access, please send your Network Administrator (IT Department) a link to this page.

The instructions on this page are meant for large corporate users with restrictions placed on their outgoing traffic. Most home and small business users do not need any special settings in order to access If you have any questions, please contact

HTML5 Platform

The HTML5 application uses HTTPS connections to load market data, authenticate users, pull news feeds, and more. Please authorize the following network ranges and ports on your firewall and/or proxy server.

Network Range:
Ports: 443
Protocols: HTTPS
Compatibility: Direct Internet connection, web proxy, or a SOCKS proxy

Excel Add-in

Network Range:
Ports: 443, 50010
Protocols: HTTPS and TCP

Proxy Server Information

If you are using a proxy server on your network, our system requires either a standalone SOCKS proxy or a SOCKS proxy in combination with a web proxy. A web proxy which only handles HTTP and HTTPS traffic will not work as our market data connection uses a proprietary TCP protocol that is not compatible with the HTTP protocol.

Proxy Whitelist URLs

If your proxy configuration requires explicitly whitelisting allowed URLs, please add the following to your whitelist:

  • https://*

Any further questions, please email or call 1-888-860-4800.