Market Data Coverage

Below is a table of the current Money.Net global exchange coverage. We cover almost all equity exchanges globally. We are adding more data every day, so be sure to check back here for the latest additions.

In addition to exchange coverage, we carry all of the following:

  • Real Time News: Breaking news from several thousand curated sources covering multi asset classes globally.
  • Real Time Non-exchange data, such as Dow, S&P, NASDAQ equity Indices and sub-indices.
  • Corporate fundamentals such as corporate actions (dividends, splits, earnings etc.), financials such as historical net income, debt; as well as non financial data, such as management.
  • Global economic data (e.g. GDP, inflation, unemployment, oil inventories, etc.)
  • Global Government Yields (e.g. US 10 year bond)
  • Real Time Currencies/FX
  • Real Time Cryptocurrencies

Money.Net data can be accessed using the browser application, or through the Excel spreadsheet Add-On. As we add content and features, we encourage your feedback to help ensure that the most in-demand data takes precedence. If you have specific information you would like Money.Net to add, please email with the subject line "New Data Request".

MarketAsset ClassExchange FeeData Frequency
U.S. Equity Market DataEquities, Warrants, Mutual Funds, Preferred, ETFsIncludedReal Time
Options Pricing Reporting Authority (OPRA), U.S.Options$40Real Time
International Equity MarketsAsset ClassExchange FeeData Frequency
Athens Stock Exchange, GreeceEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD
BATS Chi-X EuropeEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD
B3 S.A., BrazilEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Bolsa de Barcelona, SpainEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Bolsa de Madrid, SpainEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Bolsa de Valencia, SpainEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Bolsa de Valores de Lima, PeruEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Bombay Stock Exchange BSE, IndiaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Borsa Italiana - Milan Stock Exchange, ItalyEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Borse Berlin, GermanyEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Borse Dusseldorf, GermanyEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Borse Munchen, GermanyEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Borse Stuttgart, GermanyEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Bratislava Stock Exchange, SlovakiaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Budapest Stock Exchange, HungaryEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Canadian Securities ExchangeEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Euronext Cash Last Price (Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon)Equities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Duetsche Borse XETRAEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Hamburg Stock Exchange, GermanyEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Hannover Stock Exchange, GermanyEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Hong Kong Stock ExchangeEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Irish Stock Exchange, IrelandEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Korea Exchange, KOSDAQ South KoreaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Korea Stock Exchange, South KoreaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
London Stock Exchange, UK (LSE)Equities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
MDX Index Value Service, USEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Mercado Continuo Espanol, SpainEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Mexican Stock Exchange, MexicoEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
MICEX Moscow Exchange, RussiaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Montreal Exchange / Bourse de Montreal, CanadaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Muscat Securities Market, OmanEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
NASDAQ OMX Baltic, Riga, LatviaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
NASDAQ OMX Baltic, Tallinn, EstoniaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
NASDAQ OMX Baltic, Vilnius, LithuaniaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
NASDAQ OMX Nordic, Copenhagen, DenmarkEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
NASDAQ OMX Nordic, Helsinki, FinlandEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
NASDAQ OMX Nordic, IcelandEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
NASDAQ OMX Nordic, StockholmEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
New Zealand ExchangeEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Oslo Bors ASA, NorwayEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Prague Stock Exchange, Czech RepublicEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Santiago Stock Exchange, ChileEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Shanghai Stock Exchange, ChinaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Shenzen Stock Exchange, ChinaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Standard-Classica-FORTS, RussiaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Swiss Exchange, SwitzerlandEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
SWX EuropeEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Taiwan Stock Exchange, TaiwanEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, IsraelEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
The Stock Exchange of Thailand, ThailandEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Tokyo Stock Exchange, JapanEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Toronto Stock Exchange, CanadaEquities, ETFsIncludedDelayed 
TSX Venture Exchange - NEX, CanadaEquities, ETFsIncludedDelayed 
TSX Venture Exchange, CanadaEquities, ETFsIncludedDelayed 
Warsaw Stock Exchange, PolandEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
Wiener Boerse AG, AustriaEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 
XETRAEquities, ETFsIncludedEOD 

Non-Pro Fees

To qualify for non-pro pricing, please use the form at WWW.MONEY.NET/CONTACT or email