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Download and Installation

To begin, review the minimum system requirements here.

On this page you will find the installation instructions and the sample document to get you started. The actual installation file link is included inside of the installation instruction document.

Logging in to the Sample Document

The provided sample document is a good jumping off point to get started with the Money.Net Excel Add-in. To launch the file click on your Start Menu and Navigate to All Programs/All Apps. Then in the Money.Net Excel Add-in section, click on Money.Net Excel Add-in.

Note: In Windows 8 your navigation may be slightly different. From your Start Screen You can find all of your apps and programs in the Apps view. To get to the Apps view, slide up from the middle of the Start screen with your finger, or click the arrow Image RemovedImage Added near the lower-left corner of the Start screen. You should then be able to find the Money.Net Excel Add-in section of your Apps and launch from there.

Use your regular Money.Net credentials to log in. Remember that your username will be your full email address that you used to register your Money.Net account.

The only exception to this will be users that joined before 2012 (and have a non-email address username)

Real Time Quote Data

The first sheet in the workbook is labeled Most Common Data Points and will give you access to real time market data for U.S. Equities, Options, and FX (and delayed and end of day where applicable). You will see several example tickers to get you started.

It may take a few moments to populate (depending on your system), but you should start to see the fields updating in real time. You can edit any of the Ticker fields on the left to any valid ticker symbol from the Money.Net platform.

For examples of ticker formats, use the Symbology Guide.

If you would like more rows for ticker symbols, the easiest method is to copy several of the already working rows and paste them below the already working ones. Once pasted, you can replace the ticker symbol just like before.

To read a quick explanation of the Real Time Data function, click on the second worksheet titled Real Time Data.

Image RemovedImage AddedClick here for a list of all available Real Time Fields.

Historical Quote Data

The third sheet in the sample document is labeled Historical Quote Data and provides an example of how to acquire historical data for valid Money.Net tickers.

The available frequency options for Historical Stock Data are:
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually, Quarterly

The available frequency options for Historical Fundamental Data are:
Annually, Quarterly, TTM

Image RemovedImage AddedClick here for a list of all available Historical Fields.

The fields that you will want to modify in this form are the SymbolFieldStartEnd, and Frequency.

For Start and End dates:
Use the date format that your computer is defaulted to. For example, this machine is defaulted to the format MM/DD/YYYY HH:SS.


Real Time data fields are single fields and can be edited by simply changing what you desire and pressing Enter. Historical and other fields that can potentially fill several rows of data have to be edited differently. You must hold CTRL+SHIFT while you press enter. Otherwise you will receive the "You can't change part of an array" error.