Platform Updates

Option Greeks (1.8.8)

Greek on a Leash.

For options traders, managing risk is extremely important. That is why we have added Greeks (and Implied Volatility) to the Option Chain at no extra charge.

Short Interest Extremes (1.8.6)

Bears and bears and bears, oh my!

Looking for a squeeze play? Short Interest Extremes is a specialized screener you can use to filter for stocks based on Short Interest %, Free Float, Cost to Borrow, and more.

Scout Chat (1.8.3)

Let's give 'em something to talk about.
An institutional grade chat has finally arrived for the self-directed investor. Scout chat delivers secure, safe environments where users can interact, leverage signals to push relevant content their way and follow other investors that they find interesting.

Improved IPO Calendar (1.8.2)

IP Oh yes we did.

We have improved on a classic with the latest release of the IPO calendar. Now with more data including international IPOs and Rumors.

Events Calendar (1.8)

Cal me, Maybe?

Too much information in the Corporate Actions component? Events Calendar can help you with that. Use it to get a quick view of what's happening in the current business week.

Custom Watchlists and Templates in Market Map (1.7.7)

Because your watch, your watch, is on my list

Now you can access all of your favorite custom watchlists and our pre-made watchlist templates in the market map component. This should help with a broader overview of your stocks.

Corporate Events in Charts (1.7.7)

Save the Date!

Want to get a visual on when a particular company has earnings or a corporate event? Just click on the flag in the upper right near the studies to add events to your charts.

Watchlist Templates (v1.7.4)

Don't Believe Me? Just Watch.

Too busy to build out a full quote grid of tickers? We've got you covered. Now, in your watchlists you will have templates available for viewing as is, or you can customize them from an easy starting point. Just select the name to view, or click the ⊕ to start editing it to make it your very own.

Government Yield Curve (v1.5)

When I governsaid it, I government it.

With the Government Yield Curve component, you now have the ability to plot the yields for bonds of various maturities. The curves of 20+ countries are available in both color-coded chart form as well as a detailed table. 

Government Yield Comparison (v1.5)

Nothing compares to you.

The Government Yield Comparison is an easy to digest table which allows you to compare the bond yields between multiple countries with similar maturity dates.

Earnings History (v1.4)

To everything earn, earn, earn.

Tired of poring over company filings line by line? Earnings history will help you get the reports you need faster and is arranged to help you see how those estimates really worked out.

Unusual Option Activity (v1.4)

It's not unusual.

Are you an options trader?  You will want to make this revamped component a part of your morning routine.  See high volume swings get ahead of the market.

Earnings and Estimates (v1.4)

G'day, estimates.

Earnings and Estimates has now graduated to its own component with easier to understand display, and several new forward-looking data points.  EBITDA, EPS, Sales, it's all here.

Historical Prices (v1.4)

Later, gator.

Now you can view historical prices in an easy to digest format that isn't via Charts or Excel. Just enter a symbol and a date range and go.

Market Heat Map (v1.3)

He's heating up.

Another classic has been revamped for your viewing pleasure. The Market Map is one of the fastest ways to get a macro view of the major indices during the trading day. Find it in the Components menu.

ETF Holdings (v1.3)

You gotta know when to hold 'em.

Using the ETF holdings component you can quickly find and sort through the composition of popular U.S. ETFs.

IPO Calendar

Publicly Speaking.

The IPO calendar is growing up.  Now separated from the Equity Calendar, it has even more relevant data and updates more often.

Currency Quote Grid

20th Century FX.

Interested in more information on a specific currency? With this complementary component to the Cross Currency Rates component, you can see any of the dozens of potential conversion rates from a base currency.

Ticker Banner (v.1.3)

Hickory Tickery Tock.

If you have ever run out of room at the top of your platform or wanted more space for your most watched symbols in the upper banner, you are now in luck.  Using the Ticker Banner component you can add extra rows of extra large tickers or pop them out for use on other screens.

Recommended Views (v1.2.1)

Take it from us.

Don't feel like creating a view from scratch or starting with our default view? Try starting with one of the recommended views tailored to different trading styles and abilities.

Expanded News Capability (v1.2.1)

No news isn't good news.

The Streaming News component gives you access to the full pipe of headlines all day, but sometimes that can be too much. We have added the Speed Desk (for major market news) and Top News (for broad news targeted to specialties and sectors) to help you get right to the news you want to see most. 

The Streaming and Top News components, now also come equipped with individual settings to help filter your sources in a more granular way.

Time and Sales (v1.1.0)

Time is Money. Sales is Money.

We welcome the return of an old favorite with the HTML5 debut of Time and Sales.  See each tick for stocks in real time and our redesigned VWAP meter.

Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Market Cap (v1.0.1)

Take a bite out of Bitcoin.

It's a new world out there and Money.Net is here to give you the advantage with realtime pricing for all of the hottest new alt coins and cryptocurrencies.

Corporate Actions Component (v1.0.1)

Corporate Lights. Corporate Camera.

A favorite from our previous platform, the Corporate Actions module helps you to stay in the know about happenings with the companies that you follow.

Other Additions 

  • Template Library updates
  • Credit card management added to profile section of main menu in platform
  • New source added for bond yield data
  • Updates and bug fixes