Adding a Ticker Symbol

Click in the search field in the upper-left corner and type the ticker symbol. Press "Enter" to add the ticker to your watchlist. You can also click on a suggested symbol or click through subcategories to see more specific suggestions.

Adding/Removing Column Headers

  1. Click on the Columns button on the right hand side of the component.

  2. A panel will slide out with a complete list of all of the column headers to choose from.

  3. Click the check box adjacent to the column header name. A check in the box designates that the column header is active within the watchlist. An unchecked box designates that the column header has been removed from the watchlist.

Importing Watchlists

  1. Prepare Your CSV watchlist for import. You can do one of three things.
    1. Manually create a CSV with the single column header Symbol
    2. Download the Import Template.csv.
    3. Download a pre-made template here.
  2. Click on Manage Watchlists at the top right of the component.
  3. Click on "Import Wacthlist from CSV".
  4. Navigate to your CSV file and select it.