Excel Add-in Templates

Single Stock Analysis

Getting Started with Money.Net Excel

Single Stock Snapshot Analysis Toolkit.

Default Money.Net Excel SpreadSheet for Accessing Realtime and Historical Data.

Company Fundamentals

Dividend Discount Model

Examine and Analyze Corporate Fundamental Data for a Given Ticker.

Model the value of a stock price of a company based on the net present value of future cash flows

Economic Data Dashboard

Spreads Calculator

Pull Historical Economic Data on any Country.

Calculate the spread between two Money.Net assets and their Associated Metrics.

Standard Deviation Analysis

Commodity Futures Curve Historical

Analyze the percentage change of prices during a specific time range.

Chart the futures curve as a function of time.

Common Interest Rates

Commodity Calendar Spreads

Analyze common interest rates and use Money.Net to generate an interpolated yield curve.

Analyze the futures spread forward curve.